How To Wear?

• Before applying bra it is best not to use any lotions, perfumes, powders etc. on your breast so that you get the best wear out of the bra.

• Remove plastic film from bra carefully, loosen the drawstring then apply each wing to your breast make sure it is placed how you want.

• Pull drawstring tighter to bring your breast closer together for the perfect amount of cleavage.

How To Clean & Store For Reuse?

• After removing bra clean with cold water and soap getting rid of any debris.

• Sit out bra so that it air drys and the adhesive will renew as if it was the first wear.

• Lastly put plastic film back on adhesive keeping it protected for your next wear.

• This is a must-have undergarment that you’ll go back to each and every time no matter the occasion.

Not Sure About Your Bra Size?

• Women breast shape differ and if you are concerned our best recommendations are buying another neighboring size or just a size up. (For the most part the bra runs very true to size)

What I Should Avoid While Wearing Bra?

• Avoid extreme heat temperatures.

• Avoid wearing adhesive bra to exercise not suitable for workouts.

• Excessive sweat can affect adhesive.

• Clean your breast before wear, keep adhesive dry, and you should be just fine.